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The key to finding your Dream Job is where your resume goes, not what it says.  Building a great career is more about WHO you know than WHAT you know.

We focus on actionable steps that will help you grow your career into a job you love, including finding a new one.

The secret is improving your interpersonal skills:


Upward of 80% of jobs are filled through networking, so we’ll show you how to target the right people, draft effective outreach messages, and create a great first impression.


Interview practice

Communication skills are just the first part of converting interview opportunities to job offers. Work with us to practice Behavioral, Case Study, and even Group interviews to make sure that you tell the best version of your story in every interview.

Personal branding

The way you present yourself includes your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter – and we can help you master your story and articulate why you’re the best fit for your Dream Job.


Great jobs are hard to find, and more of them come from
who you can connect with than from
submitting applications into a black hole.


The key to connecting with the right people in your job hunt is
how good your interpersonal skills are,
not how “Easy” it is to apply.

Let’s talk – how can I help?

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1:1 Coaching

Whether you are looking for guidance during an active job search or just want support as you tackle other challenges, we are here to help.  Book a free consultation to discuss your goals and any obstacles you currently face.

Jeremy has nearly 20 years of coaching and training experience and has helped hundreds of individuals with topics that include their job search, leadership skills, negotiation, executive presence, and how to grow and nurture a professional network.

During our initial meeting, we can discuss things like:

  • Finding your Dream Job
  • Growing and nurturing your network
  • Your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Career objectives and obstacles
  • A coaching package that works for you

If you are looking for specific industry advice (like Investment banking, Consulting, Marketing, etc.), we can talk about the best coach in the Dream Job Network who is a good match for what you are looking for.

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Growing your network

You may have heard the old proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second-best time is now.”  Or maybe you are familiar with the adage, “The best time to apply for a loan is when you don’t need the money.”

The same concept is true for your professional network: the best time to grow, feed, and nurture it is when you aren’t searching for a job.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t – or shouldn’t – still focus on networking while job-hunting, because it is the fastest path to success.  Networking is 10x more effective at getting hired than a blind application through a Job Board or Careers page, according to Jobvite.com.


Whether you are searching for a new job or not, we can help:

  • Find the right people: “Where do I start?”
  • Crafting a message: “How do I get a response?”
  • Picking up the phone: “What do I say now?”

Schedule a meeting to discuss a custom coaching package to help you grow your network.

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Interview Practice

You can’t get a job offer without nailing the interview, and first impressions are critical.  It’s hard enough to get an interview (only ~20% of applicants do), and the time you spend talking with the hiring team is precious.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1 in 3 who interview will get a job offer.

The keys to nailing an interview are:

  1. Preparation and practice
  2. Mastering your story – being clear about your qualifications and intentions
  3. Communication skills and making a great impression

I can offer 1:1 interview practice based on the jobs you are actively applying to. Or I am happy to provide more general coaching and learning opportunities, including mock case studies and even group interview exercises.

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